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Sheila and Joel or Keith and Lisa, what's the difference?

Well, first off we don't eat people. You may or may not be aware of an edgy Netflix comedy called the Santa Clarita Diet, involving a married couple who work together as realtors. Sheila, a zombie, is a driven, pretty, whip-smart professional and partners with her doting and ever-cheery husband Joel who stops at nothing to keep their life from spiraling into complete chaos. Ok, Lisa's pretty and whip-smart, Keith's doting and ever-cheery, and we're married realtors — thankfully that's about all we have in common with our Netflix counterparts. However married realtors can have a special chemistry that creates a formidable team when it comes to managing complex negotiations. The purchase or sale of a home entails many moving parts and it takes serious dedication to manage all parties and achieve a smooth transaction. We often say that we don't do twice as much work as a single broker, but we strive to work twice as good. As a team we sharpen and challenge each other to consistently achieve the best solutions for our clients. Whether it's discovering the perfect home to buy or negotiating a win-win on a home sale, it's better to have two brains. Especially when you don't eat one.

Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you regarding your world of real estate. And of course your referrals are our most treasured compliment.

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